The Redditch TREKCHALLENGE is a full day orienteering competition

It is open to teams of three or four Scouts and Guides, with age classes for ages 10 and above. This year the event will take place on 3rd October, starting and finishing at Inkberrow Village Hall.



Your objective is to accrue points at Trek bases located in the countryside around Inkberrow. The base challenges range from the ‘fun’ type through to the more ‘skilled’ type to test a team’s Scouting/Guiding knowledge and ability.


In advance of the event each registered team will receive an OS map marked with the Base locations. Teams are free to plan their route to suit their own abilities and walking speeds to reach as many Bases as possible within the seven hour time frame allowed.


The competition is suitable for all age groups and is divided into various classes. Distances walked will vary from a few Kms right up around 30Kms for those who are determined enough to reach all the Bases and hopefully score the maximum points available.


Enter your team and apply using the contact section in the menu above or clicking HERE. We encourage teams to visit the RULES within the DOWNLOAD menu section of this website for further information and the rules of the competition.



The organising team are working to make this year’s Trek Challenge a bit different from previous years, for the benefit of participating teams.For 2021, each registered team will receive a section copy of the OS map with the base locations already marked, thus, hopefully, saving several hours of preplanning


Each team will be able to select their own start time between 08.30hrs and 10.00hrs. This is on a first come first served basis and subject to availability. This new feature should make it easier for teams who live further away from the headquarters to arrive in good time


On arrival at the headquarters each team will be booked in and photographed subject to consent. The photograph is partly for team identification purposes and partly for the photo trophies to be added for winning teams


On completion of your walk and after booking back in at the headquarters each team will be able to leave for home, subject to transport being available. For those who wish to stay longer, maybe waiting for other teams to return, light refreshments will be available to purchase in the main hall of the headquarters


The prize giving will be a Virtual Event, with teams being informed by email of their placings


For your safety. In addition to mobile patrols being out on the day, we intend to provide a number of the younger teams with GPS Trackers, with full monitoring equipment at the headquarters.


The Organising Team’s aim is to continue the now 38 year old tradition of putting on an exciting and challenging day suitable for all levels of team competition, and to provide Base Challenges ranging from the ‘fun’ type through to the more ‘skilled’ type to test a team’s Scouting/Guiding knowledge and ability.


We look forward to you joining us on the 3rd October 2021.

"Plan your Route - Accept the Challenge"

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