Welcome to The 2020 Trek Challenge.

Sunday 4th October 2020


After 36 very successful years of being run by The Redditch Scout Active Support Unit The Trek is being updated in keeping with more modern requirements and is being renamed The Trek Challenge.


The Trek Challenge will continue with the original format of up to 20 fixed Bases located around the Inkberrow area where teams of three (four in exceptional circumstances**) will receive, before the competition day, a list of Base Grid References to work out their walking routes.


The Trek Challenge is a combined hiking and activity competition with points being scored for arrival at a Base and further points awarded for the successful completion of the Base activity.


Bases open and close at pre-determined times throughout the day.


The Trek Challenge is open to all members of the Scout and Guide associations aged above ten and a half. Classes to suit all ages, please refer to the list below.


2020 Trek Challenge - Team Classes


Pathfinder Class. up to 14 years old.                                                                                                 


Explorer Class. Scouts and Guides 14 up to 18 years  


Trek Trophy. Scouts and Guides up to age 18 years                           


Venture Class. Up to 25 years.                                                                  


Leaders (Doc’s Trophy) Class. 25 years and over.


Team Classes are based on the age of the oldest team member (except Leaders) on the day of the Trek Challenge.


Tony Thomas Award. Up to 14 years.                                                      

Creative design award at the discretion of the Trek Challenge Committee.


Walking distances range from a few miles up to approx 25 miles within a seven hour time frame.


Each team must have a team name for identification purposes. The team entry will be registered using the chosen name and cannot be changed once entered. The team name must NOT exceed 20 characters including spaces.


The Trek Challenge is a competition where pre planning and ongoing decision making on the day is very important.


For the 2020 Trek Challenge teams will be able to choose their own start time (between 08.30hrs and 10.30hrs subject to availability) when filling in their team entry form. Actual team start times will be advised when the list of Base Grid References, including Base open/close times, is emailed to teams. Early application is recommended as places fill quickly.


Preplanning should include deciding on a team walking speed, choosing the bases to visit, finding the best route from base to base (road, public footpath, bridleway etc.) and making sure that the base can be reached when the base is open.


Please note that it is a Trek Challenge requirement to visit a minimum of 4 of the 6

Major Bases. These are numbered 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.


Ongoing Decision Making should include keeping to preplanned timings, allowing for extra time on bases if necessary, allowing for drifting off route or getting lost and if a base happens to be extremely busy making the decision just to claim the 5 or 10 base attendance points and not complete the Base task (Please refer to the Trek Challenge rules).


The Trek Challenge starts and finishes at the HQ at INKBERROW VILLAGE HALL, SANDS ROAD, INKBERROW, WORCS, WR7 4HJ.


For the 2020 Trek Challenge we are trying out a Virtual Prize Giving.  This allows us to have more flexible start times.


At booking in each team will be photographed (subject to consent) and winning teams will receive a photograph of themselves including a picture of the trophy they have won.


All trophies will be on display on Trek Challenge Day at the HQ.


When each team has completed their Trek Challenge, they must sign back In at the booking in table at the HQ .

The entry fee for the 2020 Trek Challenge is £6.00 per person and will include light refreshments on return to the HQ, a 2020 Trek Challenge medal for every participant and photographs and certificates for winning teams.


A full list of team placings and points scored will be available on our website as soon as possible after the event.


On return to HQ teams are free to leave for home subject to the team having made suitable transport arrangements.


When completing your team on line entry/fee payment form you will also have access to download the Parent/Guardian Consent/ Permission to Walk form, as well as the general enquiry form. this entry form can be found via the menu options at the top of the page (under 'Contact')


** Four person teams are allowed in special circumstances by arrangement with the committee but only three will be able to take part in Base activities. For less able team members who may find difficulty on parts of the course please contact us to make suitable arrangements using the on line general enquiry form.


You must have the Parent/Guardian Consent/Permission to Walk form completed and signed ready to hand in on the day.


Anyone who does not have a completed form will not be allowed to walk.


Requirements for each team



O/S map of the area

Route sheet

Team route card (supplied on the day)


Small first aid kit

Torch (can be a phone torch)


Hot drink

Mobile phone

Base grid reference sheet which includes the emergency phone numbers.


Requirements for each team member



Strong shoes or boots for walking/hiking

Waterproof jacket and trousers (or gaiters)

Suitable activity clothing including a hat

Food and drink for the day

A high visibility jacket/ vest

Day sack



2020 Trek Challenge Competition Rules - Please Read.

1.   Your team must check in at the HQ at least 20 minutes before your allotted start time and report back to HQ as soon as you have completed your course or you have retired from the competition.


2.   The course must be competed on foot except where special provision has been made for less able team members.


3.   Teams will be disqualified if they do not complete the course within their allotted time. No extra time will be given for any reason (e.g. queuing at bases).


4.   You must visit a minimum of four of the six major bases numbered 1,2,3,4,5.6.


5.   You may visit as many bases as you can within the seven hour time frame..


6.   All bases (except bases 7 and 8) are worth a maximum of 30 points of which 5 points are awarded for simply booking in at the base. Successfully completing the base activity can add up to a further 25 points on the base.


Bases 7 and 8 only are worth up to 60 points each with 10 points being awarded for booking in at the base and a further 50 points for successful completion of the base activity.


If teams arrive at a base and find a long queue they can book in to collect the 5 or 10 points and pass on without participating in the base activity.


7.   If a team checks into a base just to collect the 5 or 10 points and then moves on, they cannot return to that base later in the day.


8.   Some bases will be unmanned. They will be clearly marked when you arrive at the Grid Reference and be complete with a paper punch. Use the punch to record your attendance by marking the appropriate box on your route card.


9.   Unmanned bases will score 30 points.


10. All teams must ensure that their route card is signed by base personnel before leaving the base (except unmanned bases).


11. Your team must stay together and be separate from all other teams throughout the competition.


12. If a member of your team retires from the competition at any point on the route then the whole of the team is automatically retired.


13. If lost or in trouble ring HQ control for assistance on the number shown on your route card. If a serious emergency arises ring 999 first and then ring HQ control.


14. No team may accept any assistance from a third party to improve the team performance i.e. do not accept lifts between bases.


15. Please adhere to the rules/guidance of the Countryside Code and Highway Code at all times. Keep to footpaths and do not trespass.


16. Phone HQ control for transport if you have not completed your route in the seven hour time frame


17. Teams must not alter or remove any Trek Challenge signs.


18. A team has not finished until ALL team members have booked back in at HQ.


19. Teams must be self reliant for the day and must not be helped or aided in any other way.


20. You must follow the ruling of the Trek Challenge committee and/or base personnel at all times.


21. No radios, MP3 players or animals (except guide dogs) are allowed.


22. Mobile phones are to be used to contact HQ control or the emergency services only. They are not to be used as an aid on a base except for use as a torch.


23. Hi Vis garments must be worn and be visible to traffic at all times.


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The 2020 Virtual TrekChallenge is now over.

We plan to run the 2021 TrekChallenge as 'normal', but it will be on 3rd October 2021. Please put the date into your calendars and register youor inetrest via the Contact menu above.

Thank you everyone for your support this year 

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